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To seek development, win-win cooperation


On June 11, 2014, the chairman of ZhengYuan Group, Li Cai, the purchasing manager of Nestle Corporation, Zhang Linlin, the head of purchasing manager, Liu Xi and the vice general manager of Zimmer AG, Guo Yanming visited our company for cooperation.
     Accompanied by the general manager Mr. Wan Qiwei and the vice general manager Mr. Liu Yongsheng of Metal Packaging of SWKD, the customers visited eight-color machine production line, and six-color machine production line. They listened carefully to the introduction of our company’s production scale, production technology, product structure and other related information. After visiting, the two sides discussed issues of cooperation in the meeting room of SWKD headquarters. In the discussion, Mr. Wan expounded development strategy planning of our company in the future. The customers gave high evaluation to our company’s production and operation and expressed the hope that strengthens communication with my company to seek development, win-win cooperation in the future.

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